News and Links

Wildlife Information and Rescue Service (W.I.R.E.S): I'm a licensed wild animal carer. If you wish to render first aid to a injured critter and/orbe trained to care for and return to the wild please call WIRES if you are live in New South Wales (Australia). Keeping the critters in the trees costs emotionally and financially and wires is self funded (chook raffles, garage sales, pub meat trays and bequests). You might be able to help keep some critters up the trees, in the skies and on the ground in ways you never thought of.

World Vision: Wild animals don't treat their kids the way humans do. Wild animals do not massacre, torture, terrify, starve mutilate or rape their young en masse . Australian NGO World Vision helps thousands of kids and their families survive and are given some hope of a future. We have assisted Graycelyn in the Philippines since my now teenage daughters were very young. She is now a bright young lady of 16 with some sort of chance.

Durrell Wildlife: Gerald Durrell, was a famous naturalist who believed zoos had the responsibility to conserve species worldwide. You could call him the world's first wildlife warrior. Over 40 years on, Durrell wildlife continues to be a champion for wildlife conservation. His work is emulated and admired the world over.

Koala Jo Publishing: My koala photographs taken over a two decade period were recently featured in the definitive coffeetable book about koalas. This hefty volume weighs 2 kg and features collections from contributors from around the world. My new images will soon be featured.